The indoor walking app

Tusle measures walking distance using the camera and accelerometers rather than GPS. This gives you an accurate distance, even indoors. How far can you tusle?


Motion tracking video recorder

Sensory records camera and motion data along with video and audio. This eliminates the need for complex match moving in post production, as the camera track and environment is recorded to a separate file along with the video.


  • 3d format: GLTF
  • Video format: H264
  • Profesional file naming
  • Timecode (Time of day)
  • 60fps
  • Records in the highest possible resolution supported by ARKit on your device


Recognise anything

Rconize is a pure and simple image recognition app. Use it to take a picture of something, and the app will identify objects, with description and images from Wikipedia.


Handheld reality

Qulup aims to make augmented and virtual reality available to anyone with a smartphone. A huge amount of research and experiments have gone into creating an intuitive user experience, both in the app and on the backend.


Conformist was created to help video editors move raw material between systems. The user will drag and drop files to the top two fields, and the program will cross reference the two sets and show relevant information below. It might not seem like much, but it does in seconds what would usually take hours.